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A Word on COVID-19

It's a crazy time to be an artist.


Maybe this uncertainty has filled you with dread, maybe it's filled you with possibility, and maybe it's broken your heart. Whatever the case, we're doing what we can to offer your mind and your body what you need.


Business Strategy for Artists


Artists are encouraged to find their voice. So in this uncertain time, whether you’re starting a teaching studio or selling your artwork, let's discover all the things you can do with it. Clients will complete a twenty-page business plan, run controlled experiments to test out their idea, and walk away with the marketing materials and legal docs they need to get started.

What else we're up to...

Wait for it...

Forevermore Photography

Hi, I'm Alexandra Palting.

Upon starting a career onstage, I had no industry connections, no professional credits, and more questions than answers. Two years later, I was a member of the Actors Equity Association averaging four shows per year, I'd never worked a job unrelated to performing, and I'd never worked for free. At the close of those first few developmental, oftentimes cringe-worthy years, I was shocked by the amount of vital knowledge I had to stumble upon on my own.

Although I’ve been encouraged to chase my dreams for my whole life,

I knew nothing about what it took to actually live them. And I have a hunch I'm not alone.

Let's make it personal.


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