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The Hustling Creative believes that each artist possesses the autonomy to choose what success means to them. However, young artists are only presented with two options— total idealogical success, or failure. Broadway or bartender. Guggenheim or basement. Beyoncé or starve.


This way of thinking presents a career in the arts as a dream, not a job.  Therefore, the few who do reach that level of success are hugely disappointed when living the dream proves harder than dreaming it.

Unless we widen the tunnel vision of success, everything that is untraditional will be seen as failure. And oftentimes, the unconventional artists are the ones who do the true moving and shaking in the first place.

Our mentors can help guide you through all

the things you need to get your creations out

of your head and into our world.

Or we can just take them off your hands entirely.

You create. We'll do the rest.

  • Audition Preparation

  • Career Coaching

  • College Audition and Application Preparation

  • Marketing Material Design and Consultation

  • Interview Preparation

  • Resume Writing and Consultation

  • Self Taping

  • Starting a Business

  • Website Design and Consultation

  • Vision Strategy Session

  • Financing Your Career

  • Taxes for Artists