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For: the Artist

Our mentors set their own rates and schedules, so prices vary. 

Business Strategy for Artists (with Alex Palting)

When you’re on the brink of something great, it’s probably never been done before-- at least, not in the way you’ll do it. Using the lessons we’ve learned both as artists and as businesswomen, let us help you chart your course and train your thinking.

Life Coaching (with Raven Bonniwell)

The road to success is long, and unless you decide what success means to you, your parents, your teachers or the media will. Life coaching is for the artist looking for guidance, accountability, and the power to create their own waves.

Audition and Interview Preparation (with Alex Palting)

Most audition prep is too talent-obsessed to really make a difference when you get to a place where everyone around you is talented, too. Most interview prep simply isn’t applicable to our field. You’re both an artist and professional. And so are we.

Services for Artists with Disabilities (with Suzanne Richard)

While the world becomes more aware of the special skills that artists with special needs possess, being an artist with a disability is still lonely territory. Using a personalized plan created with and for you, let us help you take control of your career in the way only another artist with disabilities can.

Theatrical Fitness (with Jacqueline Holloway)

Your body is your instrument. And the more able it is, the more ruthlessly you can pursue your objectives onstage.

Marketing and Professional Materials Sculpting  (with Alex Palting)

From an elegant website to a punchy resume, the business tools at your disposal reveal who you are. If you get creative, that is.

Financial Services  (with all of us)

Yup, we hate it as much as you do. So from taxes to grantwriting to investing, we’ve hacked it so you don’t have to.

For: the Educator

Pick the workshop that best meets your young artists' needs, or customize your own! The Hustling Creative's mentors work closely with each other to curate educational offerings regularly, and have served hundreds of students, from high school upperclassmen to adults around the country. 

Prices vary. Schedule a free 20-minute consultation with Alex.

Making a Living Making Art (with Alex Palting)

How much did your formal education prepare you for the lifestyle of making a living making art? ‘Nuff said.

Mixing humor and heart, Alex Palting reflects on her personal journey as an artist and entrepreneur, and shares the tools and methodologies every artist needs to conduct their art as a business including but not limited to:

  • Networking

  • Marketing basics

  • Audition and interview protocol

  • Headshot and or resume review

  • Finance

  • Agents and unions

This workshop is most appropriate for groups of artists in transition: high school to college, college to young professional, artist entering the arena from another career, or young artist/apprenticeship/internship programs. Depending on your needs, it can be broken into one to three sessions lasting one to three hours each.

Consent and Intimacy (with Jacqueline Holloway)

Your students are exploring their truth and vulnerability. While they do, make sure they also stay safe in physically and emotionally intimate spaces.

To hear from Jacqueline about her work, click here

Empowering Students with Disabilities (with Suzanne Richard)

The arts are where students learn that their only limits are their will and their imagination. Does your curriculum reflect that truth for all students?

For: the Organization

Prices vary according to time spent on project (we charge an average of $100/per hour. Schedule a one-hour free discussion with Alex to assess your needs.

Structuring Inclusion and Safety Policies (with all of us)

Holding space for individuals of all gender identities, physical abilities and emotional boundaries is easier said than done. For any policy your organization needs to implement, we will match you with an appropriate representative of that community. Let’s codify your empathy.

Structuring Internship Programs and Positions for Young Professionals (with all of us)

When you give a 22-year-old a job, you have the power to give them stability, a place of belonging, and an outlet for their passion and energy. But just like any 'first,' they have plenty to lose and plenty to gain... and so do you. We can help you ease the transition from student to professional.

Read about why it's crucial to pay your interns here.

Life Coaching for Arts Administrators (with Raven Bonniwell)

In Raven's words:

We live in a world where hard work is a status symbol and the arts are fertile ground for that mindset. We're scrappy. We've got no money and tons of creativity. We're under-funded and overlooked. STEM education rather than STEAM amiright? And we know that we're radically important in the grand scheme of life. We've got tons of data about how important we are: from education, to the economy, to the well-being of society. And yet, we're content to scream and shout and complain that no one will give us the respect (and money) we deserve. How come? Because it's comfortable. It's just the way it is. Just like actors "can't control when they get cast in a show," Arts Organizations "can't control the fact that people aren't listening and that the Republicans control the government." Frankly, it's bullshit. What if Arts Organizations started acting like Fortune-500 companies? What kind of influence would we have? What kind of impact could we make? It's a big dream, I know. It's bold and can be pretty damn scary to tackle alone. The great thing is that we are not alone. We have one of the most tremendous communities that there is. Let's use it. This group is to get up under our leaders, to support them in leading beyond where we're currently comfortable. We have absolutely incredible, creative people in arts leadership - my job is to help them become even stronger.

Public Speaking (with Alex Palting)

Many administrators only intend on raising their metaphorical voice, not their literal one. So if you have a message you need to deliver but struggle with stagefright, memorization, or presentation preparation, The Hustling Creative can help; whether it comes to crafting the perfect speech, or creating a powerpoint you don't actually hate, or delivering with finesse and conviction. Alex Palting brings years of experience speaking at dozens of campuses and conferences across the country.



Accessibility Checklist

Accessibility is always an ongoing process as new technology and concepts evolve. So as you build a new artistic space or renovate your old one, use this guide to make sure people with disabilities are accommodated. This fifteen-page guide includes over one hundred items that must be checked in order for your space to be considered accessible to patrons, artists, and staff. This resource was created by Suzanne Richard, founder of Open Circle Theatre, Washington DC’s first professional theatre dedicated to producing professional productions that integrate the considerable talents of artists with disabilities.