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Business Strategy

for Artists

Although artists are encouraged to find their voice, you may have yet to discover all the things you can do with it. So whether you’re aiming to supplement your income by starting a teaching studio, or finding other outlets to  sell your artwork, this program is designed to merge the benefits of a business structure with your organic creativity.

Rumor Has It

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singer, teacher, writer, composer

I didn't know how much I could benefit from coaching until I started working with Alex. She pointed me to resources to learn about aspects of the business behind being a creative person. When I felt defeated and stuck, Alex helped me figure out the next move.

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actor, arts integration specialist, business owner

The Hustling Creative helped me so much as an artist and budding business owner. I had been contemplating starting my own acting studio for over a year, so when the pandemic hit, I reached out to Alex for help constructing a plan. Alex's guidance as I embarked on this new chapter in my career was so invaluable. She was patient and generous. It was so empowering to work with her.

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performer, director, teacher

Working with The Hustling Creative has been such an important outlet for me during the pandemic. Her ability to see things from multiple angles and in creative ways made it possible for me to view my work in a whole new light, and her practical discussions on money and budgeting laid an important groundwork for me to take concrete steps in furthering my career.

How It Works

First off, take something for free! Together, you and I will explore your idea, begin to identify points of needed assistance, and construct a plan for you to move towards your vision as a business owner.  


Write a

Business Plan


A business plan is the most crucial step in creating a business. It is a document that lays out in approximately twenty pages all facets of your business, which may be divided into three main categories: 

Company Vision

Get clear on the need that your company fulfills, how it operates, and what you as an artist and entrepreneur have to offer that no one else can. This section will culminate in a mission statement, or thesis, for your work.


Market Analysis

Identify the values and needs of your audience, the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, and how and where to market your services.


Legal and Finance

Should your business be a sole proprietorship or an LLC? How will you price your work and how will you structure your fiscal year to meet financial goals? This section will be the most different from a traditional business plan because instead of asking, how can I accrue money and customers, I will challenge you to ask, how can I generate value for others so that the numbers climb organically?



Outsource Your Materials

In order to start sharing your work and communicating with customers, there are basic legal documents and marketing materials that you will need. Because we will have worked closely on your business plan, The HC will be uniquely poised to craft your documents and materials to say exactly what they need to. 


  • Non-disclosure Agreement

  • Employee Contract

  • Services Rendered Agreement

  • Invoice

  • Others upon request

Marketing Materials

  • Website

  • Reel

  • Flier (proportioned for print, Facebook banner, Instagram, and social media story)

  • Logo


Run Trials


All entrepreneurs, with ideas ranging from services to inventions, conduct experiments. I will assist you in designing trials of your own to test your business viability and distribution. We will adjust pricing, marketing, scheduling, and your product or service, until these elements come together to reach optimal impact within your market. Additionally, tests allow you to introduce yourself as a new authority to audiences and establish a base following. After each test, I will guide you through a reflection on its efficacy. Book as many trials as you feel necessary until we get the results you’re looking for.

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