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The Hustling Creative produces our own events around the topics of arts leadership, business, accessiblity and consent. While we make it our priority to cater to the specific needs of our host's programming, our specialty is the budding young professional market.

We are also frequent guest speakers at theatres, colleges, conferences, and even some churches across the country and across the screen. 

Finally, we are available to act as consultants and technical support for your own events.

Tonee Lawson

The Be. Org.

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Thank you for your hard work in planning and executing our successful virtual event. We are very appreciative of your professionalism, communication, and creativity. As virtual events become the new normal, I am constantly amazed by the amount of behind the scenes work that goes into the production and you have perfected every component. I will definitely be reaching out in the near future.

Poet, Ryan Artes



I worked with Alex from opposite US coasts. Even at such a distance, she provided personalized feedback and was highly responsive to all forms of communication. Her knowledge on both sides of the camera is apparent in her attention to detail. I highly recommend working with The Hustling Creative for your next livestreaming project! 

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The Bumbling Creative

Each month, we offer a free support group for artists to connect, collaborate, celebrate and lament the things that are important to us, that only other artists can understand. Each two-hour session is broken up into equal parts community building, idea sharing and learning. We are accepting new members until April. You want in?


Salu-Salo: A Filipino American Cultural Feast

by The Asian Arts & Culture Center at Towson University

Friday, February 26, 2021 7-9pm EST

“Salu-salo” is a Filipino word for gathering and eating together. Prepare yourself a Filipino meal and join the AA&CC for a virtual salu-salo featuring a cook-off with Sony Florendo, Chef Mike Ledesma (Perch RVA, InstaBowl RVA), Chef Rey Eugenio (Heritage Kitchen), and their takes on favorite Filipino recipes; music by Kulintronica and Diwa de Leon who have creatively electrified traditional Filipino instruments; a virtual tour at ANTHILL Fabric Gallery in the Philippines, with ANTHILL Co-Founder and Managing Director Anya Lim; and an Asian Arts & Culture Center 50th Anniversary cocktail.

I AM MENtality's Fifth Anniversary of Existence Fundraiser
February, 2021

The Hustling Creative could not be more proud to assist in strategy and communication for the I AM MENtality Youth Male Empowerment Project, and that our collaboration has raised a total of $27,500 in a span of two weeks. In Baltimore alone,

- 1,000 people have been killed in the last three years, and 85% were males

- Over 90% of students can't display proficiency in reading and in math.

- Out of I AM MENtality's youth, 90% live in single parent households, over 60% live in areas that are considered food deserts, and the majority live below the poverty line.

Due to COVID,

- 72 million children risk learning poverty

- Only 60% of low income students regularly attend online classes

- 28% of families are food insecure

The money raised will provide

- Mental health services for boys and their parents

- The opportunity to provide physical fitness excursions and career fairs

- IEP's for all students in need of personal learning assistance

- Healthy, consistent food options for the youth and their families.

Baltimore Legacy Builders Virtual Day Party
December 6, 2:00-4:00pm EST

The Be. Org, I Am MENtality, and B-360 are proud to introduce you to our new partnership, The Baltimore Legacy Builders Collective!!! Meet founders Tonee Lawson, Darren Rogers, and Brittany Young at our interactive online day party on December 6th from 2-4pm EST. Enjoy some laughs, courtesy of our host, comedian and founder Fred Watkins, and bop in your kitchen to a live performance by another Baltimore favorite, DJ Destrucshawn. Catch us at, and make a donation at This event is produced by The Hustling Creative.

AAPI Voices
October 24, 7:30-9:00pm EST

Asian Pasifika Arts Collective presents their second annual AAPI Voices storytelling slam featuring stories by and for Asians and Asian Americans. 

This year, AAPI Voices explores identity and belonging with the theme "All American Asians". The evening will feature stories and other performance pieces by AAPI artists Ryan Artes, Kyunghee Chen, Kyosin Kang, Precious Ringor and Nexus.

The evening will also feature musical performances by La Ti Do, with a special guest appearance by Broadway actor Al Guerzon. A++ Comedy Improv Troup's Sam Brunner will host the evening of performances.

AAPI Voices: All American Asians is a collaboration with Unapologetically Asian, La Ti Do and The Hustling Creative.

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 11.24.41
The Marketable Musician
Facebok and Youtube Live

We chatted about artists' relationship with business and money, about how women+, BIPOC, and other groups are conditioned into a scarcity mindset, and about The Hustling Creative’s work helping artists create new businesses.

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 11.57.44
Radical Inclusion, Ruthless Consent at The Kennedy Center

In a market saturated with talent and in an industry that never quite has enough time or money, performers with and without disabilities are rewarded for being agreeable. But in a ‘yes and’ culture, how do you identify, honor, and state your needs to protect yourself and your career? This two-hour workshop with Kennedy Center Cultural Caucus member Suzanne Richard and internationally recognized fight and consent instructor Jacqueline Holloway will do just that. Through movement and choreography, artists will unpack the tools of consent and stating your needs. You will walk away with both a renewed empowerment of your agency as well as new strategies to ruthlessly pursue your objectives onstage and off.

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