Perspective and Persistence

I love rock climbing. It’s my sport, it’s my passion, it’s what keeps me sane when the hustle of being an actor/singer/narrator/composer/business owner drives me crazy.

When I mention rock climbing, the image that pops up into our mind’s eye probably looks something like this:

But for a rock climber, climbing looks more like this:

Solo? More like so... no.

Not so scenic, right? These views are complete opposites, in literally every way, but they’re both true.


When I decided to pursue my love of performing professionally, I found myself at a loss of guidance on what to expect. And the story we’re told is of either complete ideological success or abject failure. Beyonce or basement band. Guggenheim or garage painter. Feast or famine. These pictures tell the story of the top of a mountain— the euphoric freedom, the beautiful vista, the peace— or of the slab— the bloody hands, the knee-weakening fear of falling, the stone cold boredom. But what about the story of what these two pictures have in common? The wind in your hair. The sunshine on your face. The smell of the air. The bugs. What about the story of the journey? 

That's the type of story I want to hear. And at The Hustling Creative, that's the story we strive to tell. What's yours?

Keep climbing, Hustlers.

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